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"Be faithful to your own taste,

because nothing you really like is ever out of style."


Shiri Amoray


Shiri Amoray | Boutique Architecture was established in 2013 offering a complete Design / Build service to clients who are seeking a holistic solution for their renovation work.  Our work is tailored, flexible and open-minded.


Traditionally, the architect and project manager are two different functions and entities.  Our service offers both in one.  After capturing the vision in the design plans, our architect then also serves as project manager to source and oversee sub-contractors – of our own selection or a client’s recommendation - and manage the overall schedule and budget.  The result is a faster process, at optimal cost, and with less mistakes of interpretation from design to execution.   


As a boutique firm, we work with a few selected projects at any given time, allowing us the opportunity to give your project the attention it deserves.   



Shiri Amoray

Shiri was born and raised in Israel. Shiri decided to become an architect at the age of 17 after observing and being inspired by a residential project designed by one of Israel’s leading architects, Ram Carmi.  After her military service, Shiri earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration (Inter-Descriplinary Center, Herzliya, Israel) and worked for a technological company.  Upon moving to NYC in 2003, Shiri decided to pursue her dream and become an architect.


Shiri had worked for several architectural firms and also gained field experiences while working for a developer / general contractor.   She received her B.Arch, as well as M.Sc. in Sustainability from The School of Architecture in the City College of New York. 


Shiri’s personal style is urban, clean-warm-industrial.  Her design goal is to help you define your own taste, while there to support and help refine their own vision and style during the joint work.


Shiri is a proud mom of four kids who lives in the Upper West Side with her family.

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