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UWS Apartment

Location: Upper West Side, Manhattan

Size: 1,000SF - 2br, 2 bath

Before: This apartment, located in a pre-war building, is home for parents and their two kids, ages 11 (boy) and 9 (girl), at the time of the renovation, sharing a room.  The kitchen was near the entrance, while the dining table was located at the den, at the far opposite of the apartment.   Kids’ bedroom and living room standing between the two. 

Desires: The clients asked to explore the possibility of giving each of the kids their own space. The kids and parents alike desired a larger entertainment area.  Parents wished to have the dining area closer to the kitchen.  Last on their wish list was a kitchen island, although they were skeptical if this small apartment could fit one. 

After: The design allowed to achieve all of their requests, in spite of the small space of 1,000SF.  The old kitchen became the location of the boy’s bedroom, keeping the old bunk bed as solution for sleepovers, while also including a closet and desk.  The girl’s room is next door, with loft bed that frees up space beneath it, built-in storage, in white and pink colors. The living and entertainment area has been increased.  Lastly, the relocation of the kitchen allowed for the dining table to be adjacent to it, eliminating the constant walk between the two.  And yes, they got that island of their dreams, too! 

The design kept in line with the style that was in place for the other parts of the apartment which were not touched, such as the master bedroom and bathroom. 

Photography: Alex Krauss

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