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Plumber’s Office

Location: Lower East Side, NY

Size: 1000SF

This former real-estate office, located on the ground floor of an apartment complex, was designed and renovated to become the new home of a plumbing and services company.Moving from small office space, the owners wanted to create a calm and fun workspace for the employees while taking into consideration the different needs of each of the team members. In addition, the design included a seating area and meeting room for workers and visitors.  

Being a plumbing and services company, we chose design esthetics that feature water color scheme, in different shades of blue, white and gray. We used rough building materials to add character and relate to the type of work that this office handles.  Our goal was to use the furniture from the previous location and limit purchases to necessary items only.

A big hello sticker on the entry glass door welcomes those coming into the office, still allowing sight through the glass, and into the space and the company logo on the front wall.  We removed the original interior wall that had a glass window dividing the space and opened up that area.  Right to the door, we located the sitting area with a sofa, side table and a unique light fixture made out of pipes. The powder room is hidden behind a small new wall, with white vanity and a round mirror hanged on a rope. A small eat-in kitchen with gray cabinets is open to the space. We installed a forest wallpaper on the wall adjacent to the dining table, giving a feeling of depth as if we were looking outside.

On the left - main working space with 4 stations, using tables and file cabinets from previous location. Light gray paint was selected for this space as well as for the sitting area;  In the back – two more offices and meeting room. For these spaces, new rustic furniture was bought and white wall paint selected. Meeting room has a special painted wall that serves as whiteboard;  Above or near each working station we decided to hang a pegboard with hooks for notes, paperwork or art of employees’ kids. Each desk also has a toolkit for office supply.  Kits were bought in natural color, painted and assembled.  Lastly, for wall art, we curated a combination of funny posters, plumbing art and personal owners’ photos related to water and plumbing to help create the fun atmosphere in this office.

Contractor: ADK Maintenance Inc.

Plumbing: Ariel Services Inc.

Wallpaper: 78 and Sunny

Photography: Alex Krauss

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