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Williamsburg Apartment

Location: Brooklyn, NY

Size: 600SF

This project included interior design of a small one-bedroom, one bathroom apartment, featuring a large terrace.  Owners wanted to fully furnish the unit and give is a look that would utilize the space in the most effective way.  

Being very small, the decision was to separate the living space into three separate areas: live, eat, and work.  The living area includes a Chesterfield sofa, coffee table, rug, and flat TV and media cabinet beneath it;  The eat area includes a round dining table with four chairs, with the premise that four would need to dine around this table;  and the work area includes a shelf/desk combo, that allows the tenants to slide one of the chairs from the dining area.  Supplementing this space, on the opposite side of the kitchen, two mesh golden high-chairs were placed along the counter as a daily dining option. 

The bedroom was furnished with mid-century modern bed, nightstands and dresser.  The balcony features simple, yet comfortable sofa and side table set, and has been partially separated from the courtyard it’s facing, to provide sense of privacy, yet bring in the larger courtyard, allowing those sitting in the balcony to enjoy the feeling of a large park in their own apartment.

Light gray and blue color paint along some of the walls, as well as urban framed prints complete the look.  Overall, this apartment was designed with ~$10,000 investment, maximizing its potential and giving it a look that appears larger than it is.

Contractor: YH Design.

Photography: Alex Krauss

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